Thursday, 14 August 2008

More stuff

Did I say last week I had too much stuff and I should stop buying? Well, a week is a long time on Ebay. Here are a few of my latest buys/finds/makes.

First up we have these two cuties. I'm told the doll is Japanese. She has bendy wired limbs and a polystyrene/stockingette head like a pose doll, so she must be related. The little ornament is wonderfully cute and odd at the same time. Why is her head appearing from the leaves? Why are her eyes closed? I'd appreciate any info on either of these, if you have it.

Next, we have a rather extravagant purchase - a whole group of Dolly Darlings. They were slightly cheaper than they might have been, as they didn't say Dolly Darling in the listing. They are, from L to R -Lemon Drop, Dreamy, Casual, Sunny Day and Honey. Honey doesn't have her dress on as she's waiting for it to be washed and mended. When they arrived, Casual and Honey had swapped clothes for some reason, and it's quite a struggle getting their dresses on and off, so she'll have to stay like that for now. The most expensive was Sunny Day - I really wanted to get her, as I had that doll when I was little. My reasoning was that I might be able to resell a couple of them at a profit to offset the cost of the others. Now I've got them, I'm not so sure. At least they're small and don't take up too much room.

These are 'Sweet Secrets' by Galoob. I'd never heard of these before, as they're from the 1980s, when I was too old for dolls. (You'd think that would still be true, but somehow it isn't...) They fold up into 'jewels' and are rather cute, I think.

These two plastic dollies came with some other, less interesting dolls. I love the packaging for the bigger doll - "Miss Success". No pressure on little girls there, then!

The other one has a sweet face, and little moulded ankle socks, which I always think is A Good Thing.

It's not all been a complete Ebay frenzy, despite appearances. I had a nice surprise when a friend returned a cardigan I left at her house, and these were in the parcel

I think they belonged to her mum. There's something very appealing about old knitting patterns, and when they feature dolls as well, what's not to love? I think the doll in the pictures is Sindy's little sister, Patch. (Thank you, Fact Fans.)

My new craft find is mini hama beads. I think in the US they're called Perler beads. You arrange them on a board and iron them to melt them together. I'd made things with the ordinary size beads, but then discovered you can get really tiny ones. You have to put them on the board with tweezers. My first effort was this cottage. To give you some idea of the size, this cottage is just two inches tall (5cm), and there a lot of beads in it.

So you can imagine how long it took me to make this picture, which is 5.5 inches (14cm) square. A labour of love, really, as I realised quite quickly it was going to take me ages, and I kept redoing bits, and rejigging it, as I ran out of colours. In the end, I was determined to just get it finished. A bit crazy, but isn't that true of all the best art?

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