Monday, 20 October 2008

West Bristol Art Trail - Follow-up

I feel like a real artist!
I participated in the West Bristol Art Trail on Saturday, showing my work at the Hope Community Church, along with about 12 other artists. I had been a bit apprehensive beforehand, but I'm so glad I did it. Lots of people came, and were all very appreciative. I sold two of my boxed assemblage pieces, along with lots of 'Vintage Originals' badges and cards. This is 'Wired' - one of the pieces I sold -

The venue was very close to Hotwells Primary School (where they were also showing art), so lots of little kids came in with their parents. One of the highlights of the day was hearing a little boy say to his mum, as he gazed up at my work, "These are my favourites!" Children are the best art critics!

Just seeing people look at my work was very cool...

Many thanks to all the organisers and visitors, and other artists!!

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