Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Easter Weekend

I made an Easter display - or is it a shrine to the god of chocolate?
I finished embroidering some crochet eggs that I made
I had a go at a new (to me) kind of crochet square....
A kind friend gave me a dolly-sized Easter egg.
We went to '52' - an exhibition of work by 52 artists, curated by Calm Air All Ice (Camilla and Claire)
Oh, and did I mention the chocolate?


Menopausal musing said...

Now that is one SERIOUS shrine to chocolate... :O)

The exhibition looks like it was a good one!

BizzyDays said...

I love your crochet square and your eggs. That square must take a while as it's so 'detailed'. :)
Enjoy the sunshine while we've got it!
Kind regards,

Sarah said...

I love your little eggs, and you can never have too much chocolate!

winnibriggs said...

Hi Elaine
Just found your blog it is brilliant. I have so much kitsch envy now and all our CS are closed. Never mind car boot in the morning so perhaps I will find something equally as divine as your collections.

Kitsch and Curious Elaine said...

Thanks for the comments!
winnibriggs - I'm so glad you found my blog. Hope you find some vintage treasure too!

Young at Heart said...

oh bring back the chocolate........

ted and bunny said...

Hi- I've left something for you to collect at ted and bunny.
I know that some people prefer not to accept these tags, but I still wanted to tell you that the time you spend creating such lovely blogs is much appreciated and admired.