Monday, 29 August 2011

In Progress

This is a crochet throw I've been working on for a little while now. I'm not quite sure how much bigger to make it, but there's definitely some way to go before it's finished. I'm enjoying the candy-bright colours, and I was able to work on it, even when I was lying on my back!

I haven't really made anything else to speak of lately. I've been in a sort of creative limbo for quite a while now, feeling frustrated about all the things I can't do during my recovery, but not really pursuing the things I can do.

I had a bit of a setback when my slipped disc got worse again a few weeks ago. A second operation was ruled out for now, thank goodness, but I have to be careful for a while. This has meant no car-booting and very little vintage-hunting at all (although Ebay is my boon companion). I couldn't even get to the Vintage Jumble a couple of weeks ago, which was bitterly disappointing!

But I'm able to do a bit more compootering, and so I want to catch up with stocking my Etsy shop, and blogging. Getting there slowly.
I'm a work in progress at the moment.


Nina said...

Hi there love the colors!Stay rested:)

Monica said...

These colors made my smile. I've got here via Flickr. Get well.

Menopausalmusing said...

I would love to have crocheted that.... absolutely stunning! my pitiful attempt at a very basic ripple is sitting next to my screen here and may well find its way to the bin.......
Poor you re your back, you must feel so frustrated. Hope it gets on the mend soon.

Sharon said...

The WIP is so pretty ~ such lovely colours.

I can feel your pain re your back as I had a slipped disc about three years ago ~ luckily, I didn't need surgery but it was a miserable time!

Take care and hope your back heals quickly :-)

Jane Housham said...

That's absolutely beautiful. xx

birds said...

Where did you get this pattern? What size crochet hook did you use?