Friday, 23 April 2010

Delay and Decisions

Well you might have noticed there's been a bit of a blog hiatus around here lately. Do I have an excuse? Or even a reason? Nah... not really. Mainly, I just wasn't in the mood.

I'm not sure why. The springtime sunshine? Possibly. The feeling I should concentrate on my work instead? Maybe. Feeling a bit overwhelmed by life? Well, that's a permanent state of affairs. Not sure what to write? Kinda.

I've had lots of ideas for blogs - things I want to write about, or show you. Probably a few too many. Every blogger has to edit herself. You can't include everything you do, or every thought you have, or these ramblings would be even longer and more boring than they are. So that means making decisions. Decision-making is not one of my strengths. I ponder. I over-analyse. I dither. I vacillate. (I've actually just spent some time trying to decide whether to even use the word 'vacillate'.)

So beneath this apparently simple blog of "stuff I made" and "stuff I bought", there is a seething mass of indecision. Should I even spend time on a blog? Because it's not just the writing time - I can lose hours looking at other people's blogs. I think most creative bloggers find that a hard one. If you're writing, you're not creating art.

So what's a reasonable amount of time to spend on a blog? Is the networking aspect more important than self-promotion? Do I write for myself or for others? Is it boring for readers to endure a load of introspection and analysis? Are a lot of rhetorical questions really quite irritating? Would you rather just look at pretty pictures? Do you want me to stop now?

Oh. Okay. No need to shout.

Here are some pics of stuff I made.

And a great book I bought
And a Basil Brush on a roundabout

And now I'll fly away.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Easter Weekend

I made an Easter display - or is it a shrine to the god of chocolate?
I finished embroidering some crochet eggs that I made
I had a go at a new (to me) kind of crochet square....
A kind friend gave me a dolly-sized Easter egg.
We went to '52' - an exhibition of work by 52 artists, curated by Calm Air All Ice (Camilla and Claire)
Oh, and did I mention the chocolate?