Sunday, 11 January 2009

I love my little friends

I could spend hours watching wildlife in our garden. Every breakfast time, and often at other times as well, I sit, watching the comings and goings in our little patch. It's fascinating, entertaining and soul-soothing.

One of the great joys in life is watching a squirrel eat a nut. The photo above is Sammy Short-tail stuffing his little face with a suet block. The bird table is a recent development, intended to deter rats. As you can see, it certainly doesn't deter squirrels, the greedy little so-and-so's! They have their own feeder, full of peanuts, but apparently that's not good enough!

Their other naughty trick is to dig up my plant containers to bury nuts, and then dig it up again a week later to get the peanuts out. If they didn't look so darn cute, patting the earth around with their little paws, I might get cross. As it is, they just make me laugh.

This is a poor photo of Jay-Z, one of the three jays that come to the bird table every day. Before I moved here, I had only ever seen one jay in my whole life. I was so excited the first time one came into the garden. Now they're old friends, and it's pretty casual between us....
Yo, Jay-Z in da house!

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