Thursday, 25 November 2010

Cabin Fever

I still haven't quite got back into the groove of regular blogging, but I have to say, I was really cheered up to read the lovely comments on my last blog post. It brightened my day to feel at least a little back in touch with the world. That's the trouble when you work at home - you can feel really out of touch, and to add to it, I've been in a bit of an autumnal slump recently. So I'm sorry I haven't been able to spread sweetness and light by commenting on other blogs. Hopefully I will have some time to catch up soon.

This week, I'm busy preparing for the Vintage & Handmade Fair at Chipping Sodbury. I got a bit carried away and started making things, which was probably a bit over-ambitious, seeing as I have now caught Mr Kitsch's cold, and feel like the shadow of a wet rag, and in no mood for festive sewing.

And on the subject of sewing (smooth link, huh?), isn't this bag gorgeous? Not my work, but a wonderful gift from Jenny of The Custards. I cannot tell you happy I was when I opened the package to find not only the much coveted bag, but a cute little lavender bag too! It really made my day to receive something so wonderful. Thank you Jenny! The Custards Flickr photostream is always full of the most perfect vintage loveliness, and she sells gorgeous handmade bags and vintage stuff on Ebay.

So thanks to the encouragement of others, I am slowly emerging from my metaphorical cabin in the woods....
Mind you, it does look nice and cosy, doesn't it?


Neil Smith said...

I am sure that Mr Kitsch had man flu and not a simple cold, other wise he wouldn't have felt so bad ;-)

Hope the sale goes well

Jane Housham said...

That is a lovely bag, yes, but is it wrong that I almost covet the tag more than the bag? See you on Sunday, hopefully, if the snow doesn't get us.

Unknown said...

That bag is so cute!