Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Creative Wednesday - Illustration Friday

In an attempt to get some finished drawings done, I have decided to have a go at 'Illustration Friday'. A nice, simple idea - a topic is announced every Friday, and you add a link to your illustration of the subject (which doesn't have to be drawn specially - you can use existing work too).

The topic this week was 'dusty', so I've drawn Dusty Springfield, (the woman mascara was invented for!). I added a background in Photoshop. I love using Photoshop, and I love drawing by hand on paper - I'm just trying to work out how to combine them. I'm not sure my scanner is up to the job. Anyway, I'm happy to have produced something.

I think I need deadlines to get things done, otherwise I leave things unfinished. (Like leaving my tax return until the very last minute - finally submitted it last night!) So I have given myself until the end of February to produce some finished work with the intention of creating prints from it. Not sure if I'll create anything worth reproducing, but if anyone has any hints and tips on digital art prints, I'd love to know.


Lisa said...

Now that girl could WEAR some EYEMAKEUP. Also, I envy her beehive teasing skills.

menopausalmusing said...

Well there is NO mistaking that that is Dusty Springfield! So, if you did the drawing separately from the Photoshop background, does that mean that you photoshopped a background, then drew her on paper, cut her out and pasted her on physically (rather than digitally?). Just wondered. With regards to scanning drawings, I found that pencil never worked very well, it was always better to use a black pen as it gave more definition. I don't quite know what you are trying to achieve but it may mean that you need to learn the art of layering in photoshop. Have I bored you to death yet??? Wake up at the back!! :O)))))