Monday, 6 June 2011

Not really a collection - Novelty Erasers

Another random collection - novelty erasers. This is not really a collection, as I certainly don't collect these, but just discovered that I had a few, when I was looking round my workroom. I really like the word 'novelty'. Don't you think any object is so much better if it's a novelty version?

Anyway, I appear to have a small collection of novelty erasers. I'm particularly fond of the japanese figures, as I remember having a similar one when I was little. I was delighted when I found them on Etsy. The heads are made of wood, and are just spiked into the triangular eraser.

I'm only photographing things I have to hand at the moment, as my back is still limiting what I can do. I have a slipped disc, and have now got some industrial strength painkillers from the doctor. I can move around, but I can't really go rummaging through cupboards and boxes. Nor can I sit at the computer for very long before I have to go and have a lie down. To add to the joy, I developed a streaming cold over the weekend. In case you were in any doubt, sneezing when you have a slipped disc is a Bad Thing. You know it's coming, but there's nothing you can do about it....until....aagh! Perhaps I could stuff a novelty eraser up my nose....


Randi said...

Those erasers are too cute! I love the giraffe!
Isn't it interesting how as adults we gravitate towards items we remember having as children? Good old nostalgia.

So sorry to hear about your back and your cold.
Hoping you feel better soon- or you at least stop sneezing!

The Glamorous Housewife said...

I love little collections. When I was a kid I collected little glass animals, and as an adult I have a few different collections going such as flamingos, apple items, and snails. The collection gene seems to have been passed on to my kids because both have little collections of their own.

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife

Country Cottage Chic said...

I remember having those & they were rubbish at actually rubbing anything out!

Sorry to hear about your back & cold - both together is not good.
Get well soon!


menopausalmusing said...

I winced as I read about the thought of sneezing AND having a slipped disc... poor you. Hope it all eases soon. Lovely to see those little Japanese erasers, I always wanted one but my mum would have considered them "rubbish".....

Jane Housham said...

Oh the sneezing sounds bad -- reminds me of the terror of coughing or sneezing after a caesarean. Lovely rubbers, by the way. Am I allowed to say rubbers?

Perdita Tinsel said...

I love novelty erasers. I still buy novelty stationery for work though, I'm a bit odd like that!

I hope your back gets sorted soon. :( Back pain is a complete nightmare. Especially to anyone who blogs/uses a computer; like you say it's impossible. I do hope you feel better soon.