Friday, 27 April 2012

Giving and Receiving

Why is it that when I have time to take photos, the clouds gather, the rain pours and it goes so very dark? Needless to say, when it's bright, I always have to go and do something else. I've tried in the past to make some sort of photo set-up with artificial light, but it's never very successful. Partly because I just don't have the space or the time to set up anything complicated.

Like most of us, my "photo studio" consists of plonking an object down on the dining table, possibly with a sheet of paper behind it, if I'm trying to look 'professional'. I then take a couple of quick photos before I have to clear it all away again.
So anyway, the bad weather is my excuse for taking so long to show you the lovely notebook that Jane sent me in her giveaway a couple of weeks ago. Thank you so much, Jane! The collage cover is fantastic, and  I only wish my dull photos could do it justice. I especially like that there are photos of Jane herself peeking out from the cover. It makes it even more personal.
As you can see, the back is equally lovely, and so is the inside, as she has used all sorts of different papers. I think it might be too beautiful to use. I have a few notebooks like that! She also sent me some of her wonderful cards, which are clever and fun and stylish.
A few weeks ago, I spotted a marvellous little purse on The Custards blog, and knew that I had to have a go at making one for a friend's birthday. Here's my version.
It has such a pleasing design, as the whole thing unzips to become a length of ribbon, but zips up into a tetrahedron. I gave it to her yesterday, and she spent a lot of time zipping and unzipping it (it's very addictive), so I think it was a success! (Incidentally, the button pattern at the top of the blog is the birthday card I made for her.)
The purse tutorial is here

Things have been quite busy here at the Kitsch Plaza. I have started doing some new (paid!) work, which although it's not creative, will help to put the focaccia on the table. (Well, you don't think I'd have just any bread, do you?)

And I have continued in my struggle to resist spending money, and to stop filling up the house with stuff. I've been quite good, but did buy a couple of things in a charity shop the other week. The little picture book is lovely - I might have to put the whole thing on here. And I think that's my new favourite plate.


Jane Housham said...

Hello K&C E. I love the card you made because it gives the impression of a little crowd of benign, smiling faces. And that purse -- how clever is that! It's like some sort of philosophical impossibility, or a Moebius strip, or summat. I am impressed. You wouldn't get too many 50p's in it, I imagine, but honestly is that the point? No it is not.

menopausalmusing said...

I envy people who can collage, I can never get it right....... so that notebook is an absolute gem in my eyes. Your card and purse are such lovely things and I have no doubt that the recipient will love them. I popped over to look at the instructions for the purse and it looked mighty complicated. However, I get the feeling that once you have made one then it will all "fall into place".

Lisa said...

I AM AMAZED at the unzipping/rezipping coin purse. Amazed, I say! Will have to see if my brain's scientific enough to follow the tutorial, what a great gift idea! And I love the collage notebook you won in the giveaway. Even for a cloudy day, nice shares! :)

The Custards said...

Dear Elaine - the reason why your purse took a little longer is because yours is beautifully done and I notice that you lined yours (I was too hasty in getting the job done as always) - lovely choice of fabricos! I know exactly what you mean about the zipping and unzipping - I forced everyone to gather round and watch me zip and unzip over, and over, and over again. Each zipping, for me, was as just as exciting as the first! simple things. Lovely things that you won - I have only every won a crocheted Poodle cover when I was 9, runner up in a Blue Peter competition when 12 and some art stuff...oh just remember a pen from the Tree Lover's League (do you remember that?). Rambling now..byee Jenny

Becksini said...

Zipperdy zip...I'm still playing with it!