Saturday, 23 January 2016

Don't Look, Ethel!

I feel a bit dirty today, because of something I did last night. Now, before your imagination runs amok, I'd better explain.  For the first time ever, I listed something in my Etsy shop that needed a 'MATURE CONTENT' warning.

What was this scandalous object? Well, my shop is called Kitsch and Curious for a reason. You see, as well as all the kitsch stuff I love, I also have a hankering for curious objects. And among the curiosities that I have a hankering for, are weird bits of folk art and tribal art.

And back in the day, when there were many hippy shops selling Indian or South American knick-knacks and whatnots, I used to pick up odd things that took my fancy. At some point, I bought these small Peruvian figures. Fertility figures. With... details. And doing...certain activities.

If you're over 18 and curious, you can see the listing. If not, here are some kittens to look at instead.

Extra bonus points, if you remembered my blog title comes from here

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