Saturday, 19 March 2016

7 Days and Counting...

No, not until Easter - much more important - it's just seven days until the Vintage & Handmade Fair at Chipping Sodbury! I am going to be there selling my handmade wares.
This is the first outing for my 'makes' (like my granny square brooches, above) after a long hiatus, and I'm a wee bit nervous. I have been concentrating on getting enough work produced (which is partly why I haven't blogged for a while), but you know how it is - there is never enough time.

I seem to come up with all my best ideas when there is a deadline looming, and not really enough time to get everything finished. When there's no deadline, I dither and dawdle, unable to decide which colour, which yarn, which button, which bead? When I HAVE TO GET IT DONE, I generally do it.
Most recently, I have been making art dolls, all crocheted individually, with antique china doll heads, and decorated with vintage buttons, beads and charms.
If you've been following my Facebook page or Instagram, you'll have seen some of these. 
This is the latest one, and probably the prettiest, with her flowered skirt. I'm quite pleased with them. They are a lot less weird than my previous dolls, but I daresay some people will still find them a bit odd, with their blobby bodies and no arms!

I have also been tinkering with tiny treasures like these to come up with mini shadow boxes. This has been a little bit dangerous, as it involves glue. I will never be able to master glue. I get it in my hair, on my clothes, and inevitably end up with my fingers stuck together. But I persevere.
And not only have I made kitsch little boxes like these (not covered in glue!), but I have been collaging onto vintage wooden blocks, which can be rearranged to make a variety of different collage pictures.

I will be taking other goodies to the fair as well, so hopefully, I will have a good stall full of loveliness. Please do come and visit, if you can, and say hello to me. Or if you prefer, you can ignore me and just soak up all the vintagey goodness. The Vintage & Handmade fairs at Chipping Sodbury are always great events, and definitely worth moseying round to find vintage treasures, cute handmade loveliness and tea and homemade cake.
Saturday 26th March 10am - 3.30pm Chipping Sodbury Town Hall BS37 6AD


Moira Millman said...

Hi Elaine it all looks fabulous! Shame I'm too far away to have come along, hope it was a success for you..will you put some up on etsy too?

Kitsch and Curious said...

Thanks Moira - I'm gradually putting it on Etsy now - in my Elsie Jones shop

slamet toto said...
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