Friday, 30 May 2008

My downstairs loo

I really like folk art, and some of the most accessible folk art I've found is in the form of religious images and artefacts. Catholic and Hindu imagery is particularly appealing. Mexican Day of the Dead stuff is also great. When I moved house last year, I didn't know where to put my collection. In the end, I decided to put quite a lot of it in the downstairs loo. The impact of all this brightly coloured kitsch stuff in a very small space is great! Not sure what our visitors make of it, though...

This is my Cabinet of Catholic Curiosities.

Some of the statues are musical, and some of the virgins change colour to tell you when it's raining. It's a miracle!

I'm not exactly sure what the heart-shaped thing is. I've seen them in Mexican shops, although, completely bizarrely, I bought this one from Topshop on Oxford Street. It's some sort of religious charm, with packets of spice and tiny bottles of liquid. It's sparkly and looks brilliant. I wish I could put together objects in my art with such charm and panache.

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Camilla said...

hahaha! I should take a photo of my bathroom- there must be something about toilets and religious tat that goes together.