Wednesday, 14 May 2008


Welcome to my blog!
I thought I'd name this blog in the manner of 'The Bold and the Beautiful', and 'The Kitsch and The Curious' seems to sum up what it's all going to be about. 

I really like some of the blogs I've seen where people share their collections, things they've bought, things they've made and so on. So that's what I'm hoping to do here. I love kitsch, weird, cute, weird, silly, crazy, bonkers objects, and I try to incorporate these things into my art.

I've just set a shop on etsy -, and I'm in the process of developing my website - 
I've been writing a blog about dolls on myspace 
so I thought I'd do a new blog (with things other than dolls) to go with the etsy shop, and hopefully discover a new audience. 

I hope you like it.

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