Friday, 12 September 2008

Last weekend's shopping

Every other day for the past two weeks I have been thinking about posting here, but never finding the time. The ongoing saga of my family in hospital has been taking up a great deal of my time, and stressing me out.

So I was very grateful to my friend Katy, who took me on a shopping trip last weekend, which cheered me up a lot. We set out for Rajani's Superstore, which is a like a pound shop, but the size of a warehouse. That concept will either thrill you or frighten you. (If it frightens you, you're probably reading the wrong blog.) It's better than a pound shop, as most of the things in there are less than a pound. Although to be honest, you would be reluctant to spend as much as 10p on some of the stuff in there! It is not a place for restrained good taste. But who wants good taste when you can buy a ketchup bottle in the shape of a tomato, or pink plastic dolls furniture?

The box frames will be great for dolly assemblage, once I've taken the nasty dried seeds out. The dolls furniture came in a set, and is very random, as the pieces are made to completely different scales. Look at that standard lamp next to the dresser ( and that tiny thing to the right is a coffee table... )

I also got some great toys. This badly sculpted deer being attacked by a lioness -

And three sets of fake lego rooms. Three of us (all adults) spent a surprising amount of time putting these together when we got back to Katy's house. And yes, Katy, I finally managed to get the fridge door to go on!

We also went to some lovely Indian supermarkets. I love the food, but I also love the packaging.

I've put some close-up photos of this packaging on Flickr.

And we even managed to sneak in a visit to a charity shop, where I bought some cool old children's books

I've already made some of the illustrations into badges, which will soon be on etsy, once I figure out how to package them.

And that's not all of it - I got more goodies I haven't even got around to photographing. Plus, in the last two weeks I've acquired a lot more cool stuff to share. I must get snapping!


Teena Vallerine said...

Oh your blog is such a tonic! I love it here! t.x

Becksini said...

I'm famous!!! Hurray.

Whilst you might not have photographed all your tat yet, some I haven't even managed to unpack yet.. where does one store dolly cake tins??

Kitsch and Curious said...

In your dolly kitchen, of course!