Friday, 12 June 2009

Back to the Future

This made me laugh a lot. Going through some old drawers in my mum's house, I found this note hidden under the paper drawer lining. Yes, it's a message to my future self! What message did I decide to leave to posterity?

Well, I was twelve, and obviously pretty bored during the Easter holiday. I have no memory of it, nor of the trip to Weymouth with my three brothers. I do remember writing 'Elaine was here' or sometimes 'I woz 'ere' on many a schoolbook, though. Everyone did it at the time; I guess it was our genteel form of grafitti tagging.

Does this note count as my first blog?


Mandy said...

Oh how funny!
That is a great find though isnt it! How funny what you had written.

Teena Vallerine said...

What a hoot. It is a tough job you are doing and so good that you are able to pause and find humour. Well done mum for keeping it! My mum is a clearer outer! No chance of any revelations in her drawers! HA! - excuse me whilst I collapse laughing at what I just typed! t.xx

Country Cottage Chic said...

It's fun to find things like that! I have a box full of cards & letters from my younger days & every now & again I have a look through them & they provide endless entertainment!

The computer age has done away with letters & notes though - there won't be any for future generations to find.
Maybe we need to start a group to keep the art of letter writing alive!


TK said...

Was Monday a result of Sunday?

BusyLizzie said...

That is brilliant, I wrote things like that too!... have them squirrelled away somewhere as my mum keeps very little..(as far as i know..)
Lizzie x
PS have you made the skirt yet??

Camilla said...

Love it- my sister recently found a tape that her and a friend had made a recording on as a time capsule- it had things on it like her reading out the price of cigarettes and chocolate bars, the top ten and what was happening in Eastenders.