Tuesday, 22 December 2009

How Christmassy am I?

Wasn't it exciting to have snow on the ground while finishing off the shopping? I can't remember having snow so close to Christmas before. Hope it didn't cause you any problems, but I think it's just lovely! I'm feeling pretty darn good now, having packed and posted my final parcel, and declared myself officially on holiday! Yay!!

As you can see, we got the tree up last week, and have smothered it in baubles. We've only got our little white tree this year, as we decided that was all we could manage to do. However, we put as many baubles on it as we do with the big tree, so I'm happy. Also because we followed one of our kitsch Christmas traditions, and drank snowballs while we decorated the tree. One of those Christmas treats I can't resist!

These deer are a mixture of vintage and not-so-old. I'm particularly pleased with the newest member of the family, the 'filigree' plastic one, I got in a charity shop recently.

I couldn't resist some new additions. These fluffy, camp reindeer came from Paperchase. As I took each one out of the box, I decided to give them reindeerish names.
"Olga, ...Ferdinand, ...Mitzi, ...and..."
"Nigel'" said Mr Kitsch.
So that's what they're called.

Hope you all have a happy time and enjoy the holidays!


menopausalmusing said...

You two have made my evening with this wonderful post! Loving the decorations and especially the names for the reindeer! "Nigel" is just THE most wonderful name! Have a wonderful Christmas!

TK said...

I am imagining you both in your winter wonderland as I eat yet another mince pie.

BusyLizzie said...

Fab Tree & great selection of reindeer. I also have a vintage tree, with no modern items (apart from the odd thing the boys made when they were little) I also like tinsel, which I see from reading other blogs is not popular!!! HAVE A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS! Lizzie xx

PS Have not had a snowball to drink since the 70's,, what a fab idea.

Cowboys and Custard Mercantile said...

ah a woman after my own heart.. it thrills me to see your fabulous collection of kitschy reindeer and friends..
So sorry that I didn't get to meet up with you last week..my cold and the cold conspired against me.
Thank you for my lovely card..
Wishing you and your man a wonderfully happy kitschmas and good times ahead in 2010.
Michele x

Josie-Mary said...

Hello, Merry Christmas...just found your blog & see we share the same taste in kitschy deers! :)