Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Buying, selling, and getting stuff for free

I really enjoyed my weekend. On Saturday, I was invited to a sale by Camilla of Made by Milla. She had organised the sale in the basement of the Here shop in Bristol, to raise money for her MA fees (in Curatorial Practice). She was a bit worried she might be sitting there on her own all day, so asked me if I'd like to set up a stall alongside her. She needn't have worried.  An endless stream of her friends and supporters came in all day, and her things were flying off the shelves.
Despite my being there to sell, I bought rather a lot, as she had so much wonderful stuff. Like the ornaments in the pic above, and the fab craft magazines and plaques below.
And these packets of 'nylons' are wonderful! Why don't they have pictures like that any more?
She has also organised a brilliant art raffle, with some fantastic prizes donated by her many talented friends. Go to the Madebymilla blog for info and tickets and you could have a chance of winning some beautiful artworks (Even better art than the nylons packets!).
And if that wasn't incentive enough, I can tell you that Milla has organised (without pay) many wonderful art events in Bristol over the years. She will doubtless be a superb curator, and this is a great opportunity for her, so please help. I think it says a lot about her that artists of such high calibre have donated their work to support her.
Our other weekend activity was scrumping for apples and pears. There are some abandoned gardens near us, with lots of fruit trees, and when we went for a walk on Sunday, we collected a couple of bags. Free organic fruit!


C. Dianne Zweig said...

Pardon my interruption, but I am looking for folks that have either "Retro Sewing Blogs" or "Nostalgia Blogs" for an article I am working on . Please send your suggestions to me at dianne@cdiannezweig.com THANKS

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Camilla said...

This is an awesome post- love the photos. Thanks so much for coming along and keeping me company, I had a really great time. Looking forward to your exhibition opening.xx