Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Creative Wednesday - More weird dolls

A little late today, as I have been sorting out and photographing some of my work that I want to include in the 'Folk Art' exhibition. I hadn't looked at these two crochet dolls since I made them last year. In fact, I'd nearly forgotten about this second one.
It was quite nice to rediscover it, and find a few aspects that I rather like. On the whole, I don't like my work once I've made it. I'm never satisfied with how things turn out. Also, and this will sound weird, the things I enjoy creating are not really the things I enjoy looking at. I suppose in a fine art context, this would make more sense. A lot of artists create work for the gallery, which they would not want to live with. I don't suppose Damien Hirst thought 'Hmm, that shark would really brighten up the corner of my lounge.' But I'm not making that kind of art, and I keep wondering if I should be focussing on stuff I like more. 

One of the few exceptions is this yellow doll, which I do like. It has become a sort of mascot for me, which is why I used it in the publicity material for the exhibition. Sorry if you're a bit fed up with seeing it now.... 


BusyLizzie said...

I love the yellow doll! Sorry I didn't see you when you came to deepest Somerset a while ago.... see you somewhere soon no doubt! Let me know if you want any VB flyers! xxx

menopausalmusing said...

There is something really rather lovely about that bottom doll and the background it has been placed on!