Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Creative Wednesday - Pictures at an exhibition

No prizes for guessing what I'm going to show this week - a few photos from The Smith and Jones Museum of Folk Art, our exhibition at Room 212 in Bristol.
Mr Kitsch's side of the room looks fantastic, and he is already having a very successful week, having sold several paintings. It's amazing that he has only been painting for a year and this is his first exhibition. I'm so proud and pleased for him. You can read more on his blog.
One of my ideas for the show was to put together my own version of 'Field for the British Isles',the Antony Gormley sculpture installation. My version is made of scores of British costume dolls, all decked out in their Welsh hats, kilts, busbies, and beefeater costumes. I love seeing them all together with their crazy eyes!

We've had some great feedback, and it certainly seems to be eye-catching!

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Space Cadet said...

I think your stuff is great. just thought I'd mention it. xxx