Monday, 29 November 2010

Rest & Recreation

I hope you're all keeping warm in this chilly weather. I quite like the look of the little girl above. I think that I might start using a muff. Could I rock that look?

If only...  I'm actually sporting a sniffy red nose, and a blanket over my knees, as I sit on the sofa (hooray for the laptop!). I thought I was getting over my cold, but it's laying me low again. 
At least I managed to sleep last night, thanks to a good dose of some evil-looking, bright green, Night Nurse-type stuff from Boots. A definite improvement on the three hours that I managed the night before. This lack of sleep left me a bit befuddled by the time I got to the Vintage & Handmade Fair yesterday. I must apologise to anyone who spoke to me and was answered by a complete load of  nonsense!

As ever, the fair was marvellous, and I met lots of lovely people, including the charming Jane from Things to Make and Do, and Cathy from Menopausal Musing, who brought me a wonderful gift of 'chalet chic' ribbons. It was so kind of her - I love them, and will have to take a photo as soon as I sort myself out.

I don't have any photos of the fair, as I forgot to take my camera. This was especially stupid, as I'd taken some photos of my 'dry run' at setting up my new shelves, and my cunning plan was to use the photos as a guide in arranging my wares.

I don't know if that would have worked, but without the camera there was no way to find out! Ho hum... Every fair, I think I'm going to do all sorts of wonderful things for the next one, but somehow, it never works out. Shall I tell you about all the Christmas decorations I never finished sewing? Or the elaborate display that never got made? 

Ah, well, never mind, I had a very good day anyway, and I think I've earned my 'sick day' today. Let's get back under that blanket... 


Jane Housham said...

You didn't seem at all fuddled -- it was really lovely to meet you for real. I should think the fair has taken it out of you and knocked you back. Paper nurse definitely orders bed rest, or, if a pale sun comes out, half an hour on the terrace in a bath chair and a nice woollen rug.

menopausalmusing said...

Isn't that the beauty of the Vintage and Handmade Fair though? Meeting people and knowing that they love similar things to yourself. Lovely to chat to you and the man with the long eyelashes!!!! :O))))) Don't feel you have to photograph the ribbons, just enjoy them and get well soon.

TK said...

Oooh, muffs. What a nice idea. With a little pocket inside for a heat pad (or a couple of emergency sweets!).

Cowboys and Custard Mercantile said...

So sorry you were feeling poorly Elaine.. It is hard enough to get through the marathon day without having a lurgy to cope with too.
You made perfect sense when we were chatting but as usual I cannot remember much about the day.. it always passes in a blur.
Hope you feel better soon.
Michele x

Candy Pop said...