Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Creative Wednesday - Illustration Friday with Sindy

This week's theme for Illustration Friday is 'Toy'. Well, I couldn't let that one pass me by, could I?
I did this painting of Sindy a couple of years ago, but I was never happy with it, as there was too much of the canvas texture showing through. So I scanned it, cropped it, and reworked it in Photoshop with the smudge tool. The effect reminds me of a 1960s illustration - like on a Mills & Boon book cover, or a romance story in a woman's magazine - that sort of bold, commercial painting. I definitely like it better now.

I've been meaning to update you on what happened to my Illustration Friday efforts. After 'Dusty', I submitted this piece for the next theme - 'Surrender'
But then I started to struggle with the themes - Reverse, Sweater, Layer, Swarm etc.. None of these really led to anything worthwhile. I nearly came up with something for 'Sweater', when I started to think about 1950s sweater girls, and thought I could draw a portrait of Diana Dors. Here are some of my sketches.
Not sure if I captured her,exactly.
It's probably better to just submit pieces to Illustration Friday on an occasional basis, in any case. For me, it got me drawing again, and I rediscovered portrait drawing - something I hadn't really done for a while. I like the idea of doing a series of illustrations of my favourite actresses. However, that will have to wait, as I'm focussing on my textile pieces at the moment. I have an exhibition in the pipeline, and will be able to tell you about it very soon!


KC'sCourt! said...

Oh Wow! I love the drawings of Diana Dors, and the picture of Sindy is so perfect. You are so talented.
Julie xxxxxxxxxx

menopausalmusing said...

Where HAVE you been hiding all this talent Elaine? Diana Dors was instantly recognisable. I grinned at the "Resistance is futile" message on the T shirt.

Scarlett said...

You are very talented, they are fabulous :o) Scarlett x

Jane Housham said...

Sindy is really brilliant -- you could make a career painting those (seriously). Diana is great too but Sindy, wow.