Thursday, 26 May 2011

Colour and Curiosities (Stroud Part Two)

'Kitsch Blogs would like to apologise for the late arrival of this blogpost, owing to staff sickness.' I've had a bad back and haven't been able to spend much time at my desk in the last week. I'm hoping that, with copious amounts of ibuprofen, I can start getting back to normal now.

Thanks for the comments on my last post. I might have guessed that when I called it 'Part One', something would interfere with my posting 'Part Two'. Well, the second part of our day in Stroud was not quite as exciting as the first. We went to the Museum in the Park, to see part of the Stroud Textile Festival there.

I loved the 1950s textiles in the foyer by Jane Edgar, who designed for Heals. Some great geometric designs, and some charming chickens, too.

After all that colour and style, I have to say I found the main textile exhibition there rather disappointing. I don't have any photos; I don't know if photography was allowed, but I just wasn't inspired to take any.

Moving swiftly on, we had a look round the Museum itself. It's quite small and contains a nice random mix of all sorts of stuff. I particularly enjoyed the toys and games.

Can you solve the anagrams? I did a few, but didn't have the patience to do them all. You might like to know that RED NUTS AND GIN is an anagram of UNDERSTANDING. But of course you knew that.
This animal alphabet merits a second look. B is for Baa Lamb? Well, I might have overlooked that, if they hadn't added this -
L is for Love Birds? What was wrong with B for Bird and L for Lamb? You might also be able to spot Q for Quacking Duck and Y for Yellow Canary. And they ignored X completely.
The museum also had some other very curious objects.
The textile festival is over now, but I will just mention another exhibition which we visited. The South West Textile Group, had a lively, enjoyable exhibition with the theme of 'Talisman'. You can see photos on Facebook.


Ticking stripes said...

Red nuts and gin - that may have to be my next blog name - for someone trying to make sense of the world!

Scarlett said...

The museum looks great! Love looking at old toys and games. Scarlett x

Sue Brown said...

That's interesting, I really liked the exhibition in the main space, but I am keen on enameling. The museum is a gem though isn't it. X

Jane Housham said...

I love the way the 50s textiles are laid out in exactly the same way as they are in 50s catalogues (Sears, Ward's etc). Lovely. Nice lettering on the board games too.

BusyLizzie said...

Thank you for your blog comment.. like you the horses head is one of my favourite pieces. None of the Indian bits sold in Ilminster today.. so will bring next week. See you there? hope the back is better soon. Lizzie x