Sunday, 22 February 2009

Cool and cold

Well, it's been a funny old week.
The start of the week was good - it's half-term, and we had Mr Kitsch's niece and nephew to stay for a couple of days. It's always nice to have a reason to 'visit' your home town. We walked round Clifton and over the Suspension Bridge on Sunday. It was quite cold and Nephew (14) is far too cool to wear warm clothes. He spent all afternoon freezing in a thin jacket. Oh to be young!

There were still patches of snow on the ground. This little heart was all that was left of the snowman Mr Kitsch built on the lawn.

So I wrapped up warm, which I suppose is a sign of age! Niece (17) is a bit more sensible with her clothes, but I think I probably seem pretty uncool to her as well. A couple of years ago, we did have about five minutes when we were a pretty cool auntie and uncle to them, but I think we've passed that golden moment now! We went shopping on Monday, and much as I enjoy looking at clothes, a lot of fashion now just makes me feel REALLY old. I don't mind old fashions coming round again - I really love vintage, but aren't they coming round too fast now?

The rest of the week has felt very disjointed. I still can't work my normal routine, because my back, although better than it was, still troubles me when I sit at my desk. I feel I've lost my creative mojo, and all I've done is put a couple of new things in my vintage Etsy shop. Mr Kitsch has been doing some serious re-thinking of his career (or possible lack of it!), after a big upset at his work.

When we get like this, we start considering outlandish new plans to move to another country, and/or live in a shack on a beach. One of our favourite schemes is to have a snail farm in Spain. This came about when we realised our most successful and prolific garden crop was snails. And it would be nice to do it somewhere a bit warmer!


menopausalmusing said...

It's February. February does this to people..... Lovely photos by the way, lovely. x

Sue said...

Lol about the snails! Sorry to hear about your back - I too suffer with back problems so know what a bore it can be. Thanks for popping into my blog and glad you enjoyed the Tunnicliffe post. Chin up, it will soon be spring! Buds are bursting and birds are singing, hooray! :-)