Friday, 13 February 2009

Hearts and stats

Are you feeling the 'luurve' yet? Are you as excited about valentines day as my little dolly seems to be?

Well I'm feeling pretty well-loved, as I've just noticed a couple of nice statistics. Firstly, I've now got 200 people who 'heart' my Etsy shop!! Yay! This is nowhere near as impressive as some, but I'm pleased all the same.

Secondly, I set up stats on this blog a month ago, and in that month, I've had over 1000 hits. Again, it's nothing like as popular as other people's blogs, but at least I feel there's someone out there. It could be the same friend looking 1000 times, but even she's not bored enough for that! Or it could be 100 people visiting 10 times each - I don't think I can work it out. There are more stats about the percentage of new visitors and return visitors, but it seems to take the stats every day. I can't seem to find anything to tell me how many different people have visited over a month.

My new handmade dolly tried to help me work it out, but got very confused-dot-com!

I had wonderful valentine excitement yesterday, when my fantastic swap parcel arrived from Lou (Ludabelle). It was all beautifully wrapped!

And so many lovely things!!! She was very naughty, as we were only supposed to send five things, and she sent six, with extra chocs!

The cream and red spotted fabric you can see, is a beautiful apron, which will inspire me to become a domestic goddess, I feel! I really love the bag with strawberries and cherries - my new shopper, I think! A pretty card with bookmark attached, a mug with chocolates in (yummy!), some bubble bath, a fridge magnet, and a beautiful fluffy handmade heart, with a cute spotty ribbon and button! Wow! How spoilt am I? Thank you so much, Lou!!

And many thanks too, to A Thrifty Mrs, who organised the swap. Lots of fun!


A Thrifty Mrs said...

I can't deal with blog stats. I have installed an 'users online now' thing and that freaks me out enough as it is!

Glad that you got such lovely things for your swap.

Poppy said...

I’m really pleased you liked it all!
If I was you I would wear the apron but not cook, just sit and eat my chocolates! ;0)
I will do my post tonight, thanks again for my lovely presents!
Love Lou xxx
P.S I love your other post, soooooooooooo sweet! x

Becksini said...

I promise I haven't checked your blog 1,000 in the last month..