Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Mad For It

Just got back from a short break/ long weekend in Manchester. Well, we were staying in Salford Quays actually, and caught the tram in to Manchester (quite exciting in itself, for us tramless Southerners!). What a fab weekend!! Manchester is vintage shopping heaven. Perhaps not for the country cottage end of shabby chic, but wonderful for the mid-century-modern-cum-kitsch end of the spectrum, which is right up my street.

I came home with more than twice as much luggage as I went away with, thanks to some marvellous, irresistible finds. I'll share them with you, when I've had a chance to take some photos. Suffice to say, that we bought something magnificent from this stall in Afflecks Palace. Be honest - any stall that has a stuffed ocelot wearing beads and sunglasses has to be pretty good!

I didn't expect it, but I found I was a bit self-conscious that every time we opened our mouths it was obvious we were 'soft southerners'. I think it was because I'd recently read Stuart Maconie's 'Pies and Prejudice', about the North of England, a very funny book which does emphasise a lot of the differences between North and South. But of course, it wasn't a problem, everyone was friendly, apart from a guy in comic shop, and they are trained to be unfriendly all over the world (e.g. Comic Shop Guy in 'The Simpsons').

Salford Quays is like a lot of the dock redevelopment here in Bristol - a bit soulless, with bland hotels and office blocks. One exception was The Lowry - an arts centre in a spectacular modern building. However, when we went there it was raining so hard, we got soaked in the five minute walk from our hotel and rushed indoors without taking any photos. So I'll have to show you a sunny picture of a swan instead!

I enjoyed looking at the collection of Lowry paintings, which is more varied than his 'matchstalk men' reputation suggests.

We also managed to fit in a trip to Blackpool - I'll save that for my next post!

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Amelyn said...

Pee-Wee Herman would be jealous of this kitchen set. HAHA!