Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Doing it by Numbers

It's been a funny old week. For some reason, I've mostly wanted to sleep. (I'll try not to nod off in the middle of this post, but I'm promising nothing.) It may be a reaction to a few early (for me) mornings. I seem to function better late at night, and can concentrate better after dark. Perhaps I am part owl. Or maybe it's psychological, as I've been feeling a bit low as well.

Whatever the reason, I seem to have no energy. I lack lustre. I have no spark. I can barely glimmer. I admit, I'm not exactly a dancing sunbeam at the best of times, and even close friends probably haven't noticed the difference, but life is A Bit Of An Effort this week.
The thing I can never decide in these situations is whether it's better to push yourself onwards, or just give up and rest. If it is just psychological, then maybe exercise and action will make me feel better. Or worse, if I get stressed about doing it. Or I might just be coming down with some lurgy, and the extra sleep will do me good. Or not. Oh, it's very hard to decide, isn't it?

Well, I managed to walk to the postbox yesterday, and felt a bit revived to see all the lilac and wisteria coming out in the neighbourhood. The bluebells are coming out in our garden, and there are buds and blossoms everywhere. Mr Kitsch has bought live mealworms for the birds, and they love them. The great tits (Tommy and Babs) have been especially industrious, so they must have young to feed somewhere.

My general doziness at the moment, means that I also find it hard to concentrate, so... Ooh, look! Poodles!

Nice aren't they? Anyway... where was I? Oh yes, well, I decided it wasn't wise to try to do anything too demanding that might involve scissors or needles - I'd have probably cut an artery or something. So last night, I settled down with a paint-by-numbers set. Yes, I know, but I've been hoping to find an old paint by numbers picture for ages, with no luck. I've seen some fab crafty ideas using them, like this and this. And anyway they're just wonderfully kitsch. 

I'm quite pleased with the end result, although those are possibly the most evil-looking horses you've ever seen. Brilliant!



Fondant Kiss said...

Elaine it is quite simple dear, your body is telling you to slow down, take a rest. Just like when your body tells you that you need chocolate....what do you do?? you eat chocolate without a second thought! So take a little rest when your body says so.
p.s your blog is cute cute cute!
Best regards
Deborah {fondantkiss}

TK said...

Painting by numbers is wonderfully therapeutic. I like the way that, however much care you take, it never really looks like the picture on the box.


Hi, Your blog's full of the sort of images I just love! have a look at mine to see info. on our 'Nostalgic Mix' fair in Totnes in October.
Lesley X

Ticking stripes said...

Wonderful - hope you feel beter soon.