Friday, 15 August 2008

It never rains but it pours

Hooray! I've now had two whole people buy things from my etsy shop. I feel a bit happier about it now.

I know I need to keep putting new things on there, but it's quite hard at the moment. I'm a daylight photographer, and when we've had thunderstorms and torrential rain, there hasn't been enough daylight to take a decent photo. All my items look pale and washed out. Hence the title of this blog.

However, it not only refers to the terrible British summer weather, but also to what's happening in my life at the moment. I've spent most of the summer in various hospitals throughout Bristol with my mum and my sister undergoing major operations, appointments, tests, etc. etc.. My mum is in her eighties and a widow. My sister is epileptic and has no family. Consequently they've both been relying on me to be their hospital buddy. I now have a wide medical knowledge and am very tired. And it's not over yet. Next week my sister goes in for another operation, and my mum is getting some serious test results. And to cap it all, they're both as mad as badgers. To say that we're a dysfunctional family is putting it mildly. Oh well.

Earlier this week, a friend of mine who knew what I was going through sent me a text to say "Think beautiful thoughts...Kittens and knitting, kittens and knitting..."

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Teena Vallerine said...

Oh I have these cute kitties in their yellow basket! No fluff on mine though! That's super glam! You'll have guessed I'm trawling through your wonderful archives and having a lovely lovely time when I should be grocery shopping and baking - tsk tsk! Must go. Hope your family are ok. Sorry you're doing the chaperone thing. It is very tiring and you do need to nurture yourself to be able to keep doing it. More chocolate I say! t.x