Monday, 4 August 2008

Too Much Stuff

I think I have too much stuff.

I realised this weekend that I had so many dolls & craft materials in my workroom that I didn't have enough room to actually do any work. Admittedly my workroom is tiny, but there's no point in having it at all, if I can't actually work. I've only had a workroom since I moved house last year, and I think the luxury of having a room where I can indulge my love of craft and kitsch has tempted me into buying all sorts of stuff.

Part of the problem is Serial Monogamy Crafting. Two years ago I wanted to crochet with string. I made a lampshade, but bought so many different kinds of string, I still have two drawers full. Then it was fine crochet cotton (one large drawer), then fancy yarn (another drawer). Then I decided I was going to make a patchwork with vintage fabric (two drawers and a large bag). Ten years ago I went on a silversmithing course, and I have a crate of tools and chemicals out in the garage. I also have about ten large sheets of copper (don't ask). Looking around the room, there are two large crates of vintage clippings and ephemera, and a small cabinet full of beads and jewellery findings. There are embroidery cottons, tapestry wools, paints, ribbons, buttons, books, toys, cards and many, many dolls.

I've been telling myself it's part of the creative process, but now I'm starting to realise it's hampering the creative process. As I said in my last blog, I've started the destash process on Etsy (without much success as yet).

It's very hard to know what to get rid of. I think for now, I'll just aim to stop buying more things... Well, stopping completely is probably a bit too difficult, but I can try to slow down. Hey, let's not go too far!

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Renee said...

I just moved about a year ago - and I have all this new found space for crafting, working etc. And what have I done in the past year? Bought more dollies and goodies to fill the space! Welcome to my life! (c;