Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Pieces of Paper

Today I'm just going to show you pictures of paper.
Blank paper.
Many pictures.
You see, it all started when I saw this book, on Cathy's blog. It was made and given to her by Lesley, and I found it very inspiring. I don't have a wonderful stash of printed paper like Lesley's, but I went to the drawer where I stash all those bits of paper that 'I'm going to do something with'. (You know the one... What do you mean, you don't have one?) I started to sort through, and found various bits of old wrapping paper, chinese paper, mulberry paper, coloured paper, vintage wallpaper, textured paper. I cut them to size, and sewed them into a book.

My sewing technique was pretty random, I must admit. I was actually taught bookbinding when I was at art college, but that was twenty-heavens-to-betsy years ago, so I really don't remember very much. 

I found an online tutorial, and started to follow it, but it was only when I got to the third segment that I realised the tutorial only covered sewing two segments together. D'oh!

So I winged it, and it's worked well enough for my purposes. Actually, I'm not entirely sure what my purposes are, but I think I will be collaging in there, maybe. (Collaging - is that a word? Oh yes, I remember - it's a skin treatment...) Although my completed book is nowhere near as beautiful as the original, I was rather pleased with the experiment, all the same.

Sorting through the paper gave me other inspirations, and I cut out some circles to use.
It was like having a pile of treasure to run through my fingers... Mine, all mine!


menopausalmusing said...

Oh WOW!............ Lesley would be thrilled to know that you have done this having seen her book. I have a great collection of Chinese papers too .......... Those circles look fabulous and I am wondering whether you had some sort of gadget to cut them out because if you didn't you are very nifty with a pair of scissors!

Sarah said...

Wow, that looks fantastic!

LAC EMP 2020 said...

Cathy told me about your book and then I found the comment you left me. Thank you for your lovely words about my book. I think yours is just as great and love the paper with the fish on! What will you do with the circles? If you fold them in half and stitch them together there's another book.... or a paper bracelet... possibilities are endless aren't they? I've loved reading some of your recent posts too. As a 'Bristol' girl it's good to read about 'home'. Lesley

Sue said...

Wow you do have a lot of paper. I am very envious and your circles look gorgeous.

The Custards said...

Hi there! What a fantastic idea - where did you get all the paper from? It all looks so delicious