Sunday, 17 August 2008

A Village Show

Well, despite my rather whiney blog on Friday, I had quite a good weekend. Yesterday, I went to the Wiveliscombe Village Show, (an out-of-the-way place in Somerset, where my partner's parents live). An annual celebration of allotment vegetables, garden flowers and genteel crafts. I always love the children's competitions best, especially creating a creature from vegetables. These two caught my eye.

They also had to make something out of recycled materials. I thought this cat (or maybe cat-robot?) was brilliant.

The flowers are always beautiful. I especially love the exuberant bursts of dahlias, like this one.

Not sure, but this one might be a chrysanthemum.

And now it's Sunday evening and there are lots of lovely things coming to the end of their auctions on ebay. I just won some Bradley/pose dollies from America. They quoted very reasonable shipping for a change. Somebody else was bidding on the Dakin doll, but I was in an extravagant mood, and decided to put in a good bid and got her. (Apologies if it was anyone else who reads this.)

Uh oh. I really have to stop buying things...

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Teena Vallerine said...

You have lots of my faves here - village shows, veg creatures and oh those Dahlias! Great post, great pictures! t.x