Friday, 12 December 2008

The Advent of Builders from Hell

Not another reality horror show, exactly, but 'Builders from Hell' seems to describe the standard of my gingerbread house construction! When my friend was visiting last week, we bought a gingerbread house from Ikea, and decided it might be a fun activity one evening (Oh yeah, we know how to show our guests a good time!). I was the designated builder, and we all had a go at decorating. In the view you can see here, Mr Kitsch was responsible for the pictures on the roof and my friend did the end wall. Lovely work, I'm sure you'll agree! (I did the chimney that looks as though it's going to collapse, and you can see the icing slopping out of the side of the wall where I put it together so nicely!)

So it's starting to get a bit more Christmassy here at the Kitsch Kottage. Behind the house, you can see our advent calendars. (Yes, we ARE adults, NO, we don't have children.) For years, we'd ended up with chocolate advent calendars. People buy them or you have them in the office as a treat, etc. Then last year, we decided to go back to the traditional ones with just pictures. And it was so much nicer! We open the windows at breakfast each morning, and it's good silly fun to see what the picture is.

I've decided I'm going to share some special treats for advent in my blog, in the run-up to Christmas. Not necessarily Christmassy things, but illustrations, poems & stuff remembered & loved from my childhood, that I think are worth sharing. (I wish I had the time to do one for every day of December...)

I hope it makes the run-up to Christmas as exciting as the Blue Peter Advent Crown always did! (If you're unfamiliar with it, you can find out about Blue Peter here and the Advent Crown here and if you're very keen, the instructions are here!)

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Builders just aren't like they used to be!