Thursday, 4 December 2008

North Bristol Art Trail & Christmas Fairs

On Sunday, I went to a few venues on the North Bristol Art Trail. Didn't have a lot of time on Sunday afternoon, so as I went last year, I just went to some of the places I enjoyed then, to see what's new.

The Derby Road Studios are always good. I particularly like the work of Jane Ormes and last year I bought one of her sets of rabbits.Here they are sitting on my shelf. They're made of balsa wood (I think) and they slot together. Simple, but so lovely.

Last year I was also very impressed with the mosaics of Toni Burrows. She incorporates all sorts of 3D ceramic pieces into her mosaics - ceramic birds, flowers, hands, figurines, etc. Her new one this year was equally amazing - on a huge scale, it took up one wall of her bedroom, and portrayed Icarus flying into the sun.

Just picked out a couple of favourites as I didn't see much.

Also at the weekend (Saturday), I went to a couple of local Christmas Fairs. And another fair yesterday at our doctor's surgery. (It's also an alternative therapy centre, and they do all sorts of things there.) I bought a lot of homemade cakes and secondhand books. I was a bit peeved that our local church fair on Saturday cost £2 to get in! To be fair, that did include a minced pie and a glass of mulled wine, but as I didn't want either, I felt a bit cheated at first. However, I think I got my money's worth on the tombola. Three goes for a pound and I won twice - a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and a big box of M&S cookies. Not bad, huh?

I'm starting to feel festive...


Camilla said...

Thanks for the comments about my zine- the printer I have isn't a fancy one, it's an HP Photosmart D5160 and I got it just because it was the same as my Dad has! I've heard loads of bad things about HP printers but i'm discovering it's really good- I printed the zine on the standard settings, not the highest quality ones and i'm really pleased with how it all came out.

As for swap-bot, it's made me get off my bum and actually DO something. The deadlines do worry me a little, but it seems to help me focus- if you sign up let me know!

Jenn said...

love these rabbits!!