Monday, 30 March 2009

Hit the North...

...and hit the shops! As promised, I'm going to share some of my shopping from my trip up North. Largest item first - a chest of drawers.

So is it just me that comes back from a holiday with furniture? I know, I probably could have bought the same drawers somewhere nearer, but I saw them and loved them. They're sort of embossed silver with black. I love the shape! (And I'm rather pleased with the way the photo makes the bedroom look deceptively serene!)

As if coming back with furniture wasn't enough, I also came back with more luggage! This fabulous, doll-patterned suitcase was from Primark. The branch in Manchester was huge, much larger than ours. I've never seen luggage in there before.

My excuse is that it's very practical - it has wheels and a handle, so I might use it for taking stuff to fairs.

Needless to say, I got a few tasteful little things from Blackpool, including this extraordinary 'Giddy Kipper', made of rock!

I think I may have mentioned buying something magnificent from a vintage stall in Manchester. What could be more impressive than a giant, lustre-glazed ceramic squirrel ornament??

There was lots more - photos in my Flickr photostream!


menopausalmusing said...

I want that chest of drawers!!!!! I think I would have walked back with it strapped on my back, just to have it. Edinburgh rock and snowglobe too......... I LOVE BOTH OF THOSE ITEMS ALSO!! X

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Great drawers are they from a shop with the initials ATJ? Because they have them just down the road from my house.
Sounds like a fabby trip/

Kitsch and Curious said...

I've since discovered you can get the same sort of drawers on ebay (and probably loads of other places). But I'm not disappointed, because I had to see them in the flesh to know that I liked them. (And there wasn't much difference in price, either.)