Thursday, 28 August 2008

This week I have been mostly buying...

I have lots of pictures to show you, as it's time to share the bits and bobs that I've picked up this week. First the charity shop buys. I really like the illustrations on these wooden blocks. Very 1960s

Not sure what I'll do with these paper hula girls, but I couldn't leave them in the shop.

Then I've bought lots of cheap plastic tat, just because I love it.
The trouble now is, that I keep thinking to myself, that if I decide I don't want any of these things, I can put them on Consequently, I can't stop buying stuff. Well, look out for these things on Etsy soon.
(i love those old purses - did you ever have one of those when you were little?)

I got lots of these stickers, so some are definitely going on Etsy. I think they're pretty cute and kawaii

And talking of kawaii, I thought these Koeda Chan keyring dolls were very sweet, and seemed a bit of a bargain on ebay. I don't really know much about these characters, apart from what it said on the ebay shop. Apparently they're also known as Treena and her Forest Friends.Not sure what sort of forest has apples, shamrocks and mushrooms all growing in it. A magical Japanese one, I suppose.

Also from ebay, these cheap plastic teen dolls (Bild Lilli clones?). I love the fact that the first doll has a hollow moulded plastic dress. You can't even dress her! Can you imagine the disappointment of the little girl who got one of those for Christmas?

I also got these Liddle Kiddles (& clones) from ebay. I keep buying little dolls to put into boxes to make art. And then usually I decide I'll keep them on my shelf. However, I don't think I'll be tempted to keep these, as they're a rough-looking lot. I think they need a good wash.

A bargain bunch of kiddies' jewellery from ebay. Some to keep and use, the rest to sell.

And last, but never least, more Dolly Darlings. These are the older ones, with the plastic hair. I don't remember these at all from when I was little, and I doubt if they sold them here in the UK, as they seem far more common in the US. When I first saw them, I really didn't like them, but they're growing on me now. Not as cute as the later ones with the nice hair and groovy frocks, but they have their own stiff charm.

So still acquiring a lot of stuff in a very random manner. But I've put lots of new things in my Etsy shop this week. And I sold something (Yay!). And I'm also finding time to make new things as well.


Renee said...

I had one of those purses!

Teena Vallerine said...

I think 'tat' must have taken the place of the word 'trifle' that they used to print on little china nonsenses from the seaside - 'A Trifle from Lowestoft'. I think it's a lovely word and fit all this scrummy plastic yumminess perfectly! I shall be back to see your trifles again soon! Imagine, without folk like you, all this gorgeousness would be in a landfill. It's making me weep to think of it!t.xx (I had one of those purses - I picked all the beads off of it until it was bald!)

Kitsch and Curious said...

Thank you for all your lovely comments, Kitschen Pink. I think 'tat' is a derogatory term for most people, but it covers a lot of the things I enjoy. I agree 'trifles' is a lovely word, but perhaps a little too delicate for my bright plastic trinkets ?

Other good words might be 'geegaws', 'baubles' and 'knick-knacks'. I particularly relish the phrase "a fine display of knick-knacks on the whatnot".

Xiomara Von Glindmeyer said...

Hey there! You mentioned Koeda-chan so here is a little flickr group about her with photos galore. There's also a little bit of info in the posts. I collect Koedachan whether vintage or newer ones. I have a couple of vintage Koedachan playsets in my blog site too which really needs to be updated. I need to post my other vintage Koeda toys there...but I hope this helps! *_*

P.S. I always think of her as the Japanese version of a much simplified Strawberry Shortcake because she and her friends are fruit or flower themed

Unknown said...

Have you ever heard of Blythe? If not, you should do a search for her on flickr. she's the ultimate Kitsch Beauty. Love your pics. Peace!

Kitsch and Curious said...

Oh yes, Blythe is cute. I have a couple of the petite versions, but the big ones are too expensive!